Started in 1980 and founded in 1985 near Metz (France) by its actual management, DV2 Group is a key provider of professional sound diffusion systems in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria with a strong positioning on top-quality products requiring high technical service.

Initially operating as a solution integrator for the event industry, the Group has built strong expertise of the entire value chain, from product design to integration of on-site audio equipment, as well as a solid knowledge of market needs, through long term connections with sound engineers, manufacturers and clients.

Starting the distribution of Adamson top-quality loudspeakers in Europe in 1997, DV2 has become a key partner and a pioneer in the development of this Canadian brand which is now considered as one of the most prestigious in the world.

Over the years, the Group has diversified its portfolio and proved a strong ability to integrate and standardize complementary brands to provide professionals with full and homogeneous sound diffusion system, from consoles and processing to sound measurement, including notably loudspeakers and accessories (cabling, connection panels, etc.).

Today, the Group’s offer is composed of recognized brands (Adamson, DiGiCo, Powersoft, etc.) meticulously selected according to their potential, technical excellence and quality, relying on exclusive distribution. The portfolio also includes (i) the MDC own-label, developed internally in complementarity with the loudspeaker’s offer and subcontracted in Italy, and (ii) the DV2 Solutions own-label of audio accessories allowing global plug-and-play solutions.

DV2 serves both the touring market (c.70% of sales) and permanent installations

(c.30% of sales) and benefits from a solid client portfolio and a strong recurrence of its activity since the market is very sensitive to the artistic dimension and the quality of products.

DV2 is recognized as a key partner between manufacturers and solution integrators thanks to an excellent level of service that includes project studies, training on products, on-site technical support, inputs on product design, technical expertise, etc.

With a workforce of more than 30 people,