Whether you are a client of the live event industry, theater, conference hall, or even an integrator, as a distributor of major audiovisual brands, we must offer you the best support.

First to guide you in your investment choices and then by accompanying you in your projects.

We aim to create a network of clients, who are not only clients, but above all partners.


Strong technical expertise and an excellent proximity enabling DV2 to provide precise feedbacks on the design of new models.

An in-depth field expertise and knowledge of market needs, thanks to a former experience as a solution integrator, that strongly contributes to maximize the end-users experience.

Through its strong field knowledge, DV2 is able to give manufacturers information on future demand trends and contributes to the conception of new products. Manufacturers, who aren’t directly in contact with final clients, strongly value this type of information.

The ability to serve clients within 24 hours for certain types of orders.

A highly qualified tech team providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support, including equipment setup assistance and additional support, capitalizing on DV2’s former experience in integration.

A unique ability to provide final customers with on-site project studies, manufacturer expertise and preview of the final experience.

Complete trainings on products of each distributed brand to technicians.

The option for customers to sell back second-hand products (as part of the product renewal cycle), DV2 taking care of product check-up and repair.


Education and training is a key component of the Adamson integrated system offering. Hands on training and other education measures like tutorial videos elevate the performance of Adamson products in the market by optimizing their application in the field. This improved performance through education is not only rewarding for all the end users, it increases the demand for Adamson products and maximizes inventory utilization. In turn the sharing of our more than thirty years of experience and expertise in designing and deploying loudspeaker systems with the audio community increases the resale value for the Adamson customer, optimizing the lifetime Return on Investment with Adamson loudspeaker systems.


For any after-sales service need, you can contact our support team directly through your personal logging.

The request for spare parts, or an intervention on your equipment can also be made through this link.

Our technical support team will take your request into account as quickly as possible.