MARS le Manège Mons

Last theater with 600 seats, recently equipped with Adamson S series products. The kit includes 2 x 8 S7 Left-Right, 2 x 2 A218 Sub L-R, 2 x 2 IS10p Front L-R, 1 x 2 IS7px for the central cluster and 3 PC5 for the lipfills. All this powered by Lab Gruppen PLM+ serie 12K44 […]

CC Sambreville

Take a circle, cut it in half… 1/2 for the crowd (400 seats), the other for the artist… .and try to find the right solution to avoid central reflections. There are 4 of these theaters made by the same architect in the 70s in Belgium. Two already equipped with Adamson speakers.

Gildhof Tielt

Having the flexibility for all kind of productions is possible with the Adamson System based on IS7. A Fully renovated theater in Tielt (450 persons) is provided with a top system of Adamson. Left and Right consist of a flown array with 1 IS118 and 6 IS7. There is a center cluster of 6 IS7, […]