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Our Dedicated Install and Touring Amplifier Platforms Incorporate Radical New Thinking to Deliver Real-World Benefits in Performance, economy and User Experience.

Amplification Touring PRODUCTS

8k44 BP
8k44 SP
12K44 BP
12K44 SP
20K44 BP
20k44 SP

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With a 35 year history of innovation, the Lab Gruppen brand has grown out of the fundamental principles of the company’s founders—an amplifier company built on pioneering engineering design with the aim of delivering better results, for users and audiences alike, not profiteering or cutting corners.

Over the past four decades, Lab Gruppen has repeatedly redefined the professional amplification market with new innovations and technological firsts.

We continue to set new industry benchmarks for sustained high output, impeccable sonic performance, configuration flexibility, and lower overall installation and real-world running costs.

Put simply: At their core, Lab Gruppen & Lake products are defined by cutting-edge technological innovation. With our proven amplifier and power supply technologies, our dedicated install and touring amp platforms incorporate radical new thinking to deliver real-world benefits in performance, economy and user experience.