VS Scène
It was the meeting between Mario di Cola, acoustician and industrial designer, and Didier Dal Fitto, that MDC was born. Originally, it was a question of designing a product that did not exist: a very powerful and very powerful bass reinforcement to complete line-source systems.

The whole philosophy of MDC is there. Hear and analyze user needs and meet them with high performance products with unbeatable value for money.

MDC has become a manufacturer of the third type, innovating in the design and production scheme. Economic efficiency that benefits the profitability of its customers!
The specifications for any new product are drawn up by a working group including users. Mario di Cola realizes the prototypes, proposes solutions, innovations. After validation of the product, it is put into production and manufactured at the best cost by a major European manufacturer under a cooperation and exclusivity contract.

Mario di Cola uses the best speakers on the market from 18-Sound, B&C, RCF in the development of MDC products.
VS Scène


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