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Live-Capture Pro

Live-Capture Pro is now released with Analyzer interface for Lake Controller.
Developers’ kit is available for integration with other DSP controller software.
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Live-Capture is a simple to use PC-based software tool for real-time live-sound measurements. Live-Capture measures up to 8 channels of time-domain and frequency domain simultaneously, using the program material (music and speech) with the audience present. Live-Capture Pro also employ traditional MLS and Chirp measurements.

The measured channels can be spatially averaged transfer function in real time.

Live-Capture is ideal for room tuning and sound reinforcement system optimisation. A range of newly developed analyzing tools provides fast and accurate tuning information; room-resonance detection in real time, delay-finder with group-delay and Cepstrum analysis, filter optimization and sound level logging.

Live-Capture uses threaded computing to acquire impulse responses between 0.35 to 11 seconds and suitable large FFTs to display time domain and frequency domain data in up to 23.4 frames per second refresh rate. Advanced complex averaging are used in both domains, taking the coherence and phase stability in account. The default resolution is 96 points per octave, 192 ppo is max.

Live-Capture Pro also acquires complex frequency response by applying either a maximum-length sequence (MLS) stimulus, Sweep Tone (time-domain chirp) or Dual FFT (using external Wavefiles) to the loudspeaker or sound reinforcement system under test. Live-Capture also offers a multi-channel Real Time Analyser with up to 1/48 octave resolution.

Sophisticated windowing functions allow the user to window out room reflections and focus on either equalizing the direct sound while retaining low frequency resolution or spatial averaging of the room transfer function.

Live-Capture introduces a novel Automatic Room Mode finder with calculation of parametric EQ that is used to remedy the dominant room modes.

For room tuning and sound reinforcement system optimization, Live-Capture supports spatial averaging. This allows the user to perform multiple measurements throughout the coverage pattern of the sound reinforcement system and base system eq on the weighted, spatially-averaged response.

Any captured transfer functions can be run trough an optimisation algorithm and produces a list of parametric equalization parameters (Frequency, Q and Gain) to fit the curve. For further optimization, eq parameters can be manually fine-tuned using a convenient graphical user interface.


Transfert Function
RM Tracker
SPL / Leq Log
Room Modes
X-Over Aligner
8 Channels