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The 12-inch R.5 comes in three coverage patterns – 60° x 60°, 90° x 40° and 90° x 90°. It is engineered to deliver excellent vocal projection and wideband directivity control. The large LF horn creates substantial pattern control, helping to reduce unwanted room reflections and improve vocal clarity in difficult acoustic environments. The R.5 provides well-controlled midrange directivity and clear, articulate vocals. The high sensitivity, wide frequency response, and excellent projection capabilities over moderate distances make this loudspeaker ideal for many general purpose voice and music applications.


1 x 12"
Ferrofluid cooled
15,9 kg
85 Hz - 16 kHz
8 Ohms
1 x 1" extit titanium free
60° H - 60° V
90° H - 90° V
90° H - 40° V
Install brackets
Weather resistant
Fill speaker for stadia, athletic fields, arenas and race tracks




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