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The powerful R6-BASSHORN is designed as an optimum low frequency complement to horn-loaded full-range systems (such as the R2, R2-MAX or R6-51) in terms of its output level, pattern control, frequency range and physical dimensions. A high-output, high-power low frequency system, the R6-BASSHORN is the best choice for stadium and arena systems, providing exceptionally high sensitivity, very high output LF extension for large, long projection systems. Sized identically to the R6-51, the R6-BASSHORN can be vertically or horizontally arrayed with either an R6-51 or additional R6-BASSHORNs for increased LF output, extension, and pattern control.


6 x 12"
3" Voice Coil
Ferrofluid cooled motors
112,5 kg
48 Hz - 185 Hz
4 Ohms
90° H - 60° V
Install brackets
Weather resistant
Multipurpose Outdoor Venues




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