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The ultra-compact VLF208 is a dual 8-inch, no-grille design that can be installed under stages, in walls or ceilings, or in other low profile locations in either the vertical or horizontal mounting position. Its extremely low profile enclosure is narrow enough to fit comfortably between wall studs, providing “hidden” LF extension. With a response down to 70 Hz in passive mode or 60 Hz using digital signal processing, the VLF208 can function in pairs as a steered bass array, and is equipped with fly points and four rubber feet with recessed foot mounting locations on two sides. The VLF208 can also be wall-mounted using its specially designed low-profile yoke bracket, the VLF-Y208.

The VLF subwoofers feature a low-profile design that is ideal for theaters, restaurants, auditoria, houses of worship, schools and other venues, with the compact VLF208 and VLF208LV fitting into areas where larger subwoofers are impractical.


2 x 8"
19,1 kg
60 Hz - 160 Hz
4 Ohms
Omni 360°
Low profile design, small footprint




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