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8,000 Watt Amplifier with 4 Flexible Output Channels, LAKE Digital Signal Processing and Digital Audio Networking for Installation Applications


4 Channels
8 000 W
To be distributed among 4 channels
Type Phoenix​ - Euroblock
4 x Analog
4 x AES3
8 x DANTE dual redundant
Lake Processing HD 96KHz 32bit floating point ( inclus “MESA EQ™” )
Real-time load monitoring speaker
Log and diagnostic system
PFC Power Factor Correction - Rational Power Management - Amplification type class TD​




D80 AE

Architects and Engineers Specification

D Series 2U Data Sheet

Data Sheet D80 – D120 – D200

D Series 2U Brochure

Brochure D80 – D120 – D200

D Quick Multi

Quick Start Guide Multilingual

D Series Op Man

Operation Manual for D Series

Lake Manual

Lake Controller Operation Manual


Software Version 8.0.2

Lake Load Library

Library Version 5.7


Software Version 1.5.2 for Windows 64 bits


Software Version 1.5.2 for Mac OS

D Series 2U Drawings

Drawings D80 – D120 – D200