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The CS118 Subwoofer is the companion subwoofer to the CS7 & CS7p. Utilizing Adamson’s proprietary network platform, the CS118 employs a redundant MILAN scheme with the ability to daisy-chain networked audio between multiple sources, an analog XLR input and output, as well as on-board DSP and amplification. All features of the subwoofer are controlled and monitored through Adamson’s proprietary CS software.


1 x 18" Kevlar Neodymium Driver
34 kg
35 Hz - 100 Hz
8 Ohms
Radiation Direct Bass-Reflex
Omni 360°
Slidelock Rigging System
S7 Compatible
Config Cardio Possible


Compact Set
2 x 4 S7
2 x 2 S118
Performance Set
2 x 8 S7
2 x 6 S118
Compact Set
2 x 12 S7
2 x 10 S118


S7 & S118 Support Frame
S-Series Extended Beam
S-Series Moving Point Extended Beam
S118 Dolly
S118 2-High Cover


S118 Spec Sheet

One page spec sheet for the S118

S-Series User Manual

User manual outlining proper use and safety precautions for the S-Series

S-Series Configuration Brochure

Document outlining the factory recommended configurations for the S-Series

3D Cad Drawings S Series

3D CAD drawings of all S-Series enclosures

E-Rack Brochure

Product brochure for Adamson’s unified rack solution, the E-Rack

Adamson Amplification Chart V5.2

Displays the maximum amount of Adamson loudspeakers that can be used with approved amplifiers

Adamson Load Library 5.2

Adamson’s updated preset library requires Lake Controller 6.8.5