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The IS7c is an ultra-compact, light-weight, passive 2-way coaxial loudspeaker, with a 90° conical dispersion pattern. Designed to produce linear, high-resolution audio throughout its intended bandwidth, the enclosure includes Adamson’s ND7-C, a coaxial transducer which contains both a 7″ low frequency section and a dome compression driver.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade aluminum and steel, and is equipped with two Speakon™ NL4 connectors, as well as a 2-point barrier strip. A plate and screw rigging system is placed on top and bottom of the enclosure, with available accessories allowing the enclosure to be deployed seamlessly in a variety of applications.

The IS7c is suited to supplement larger systems as a fill cabinet, or to handle smaller applications on its own. Target applications include performing arts centers, conference rooms, night clubs, restaurants, and houses of worship.


1 x 7" Driver
5.44 kg
80 Hz - 20 kHz
16 Ohms
1 x 1,7" Coaxial Driver
90° x 90°
2x Mini SLR™ Socket (3/8")
Very compact and discreet




Adamson Amplification Chart V5.3

Displays the maximum amount of Adamson loudspeakers that can be used with approved amplifiers