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Point 15

The Point 15 is the largest cabinet of the Point Series range. It bridges the gap between high power and high fidelity, and should be the choice where high SPL and strong low mid power are a must. The Point 15 will be right at home with live bands of all genres, DJs and high level replay systems.

The Point 15 is available in passive and active(bi-amped) versions. This 15” driver is identical to the driver used in the popular M15 and M215 – Adamson’s M Series of stage monitors and drum-fill enclosures. The ND15-L is powerful enough to provide monitoring for performers at a 100,000 person outdoor rock show, it can without a doubt keep up with everything one might need to do in most indoor venues, be it as the main system or as a fill box in large sized venues. This, paired with the 1.4” exit HF driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide, give this powerful loudspeaker coherency and musicality that is unparalleled.


1 x 15" Kevlar Neodymium Driver
24,8 kg
55 Hz - 18 kHz
8 Ohms
1 x 3" Diaphragm
1.4" Exit Compression Driver
90° x 60°
60° x 40°
40° x 20°
Rigging Touring or Install
Horn with fiberglass "Geddes" waveguide



Point 15 vertical yoke
Point 15 vertical yoke / dual horizontal cabinet configuration
Point 15 horizontal yoke
Floor monitor adapter
Hardware for hanging a Point 8 under a Point 15 Cabinet
SLR™ Sight Mount
SLR™ Super Sight Mount
SLR™ Extended Sight Mount
SLR™ Quick Lock Articulator
SLR™ Quick Lock 360° Articulator


Point 15 Spec Sheet

Spec sheet for the Point 15

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User Manual detailing operating instructions for the entire Point Series line

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V40 contains all the latest, updated presets for Adamson’s product line. Only use with amplifiers set to 29dB amp gain

IPD Preset Library V5.4

Adamson has released a Library for Lab.gruppen’s IPD and IPX 2400 amplifier

Adamson Amplification Chart V5.3

Displays the maximum amount of Adamson loudspeakers that can be used with approved amplifiers

Adamson Load Library 5.4

Adamson’s updated preset library requires Lake Controller 7.0.0 or higher

BluePrint 1.3.3 (Windows)

Simulation Software for PC

BluePrint 1.3.3 (MAC)

Simulation Software for MAC