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CC210Wx is a core element of the ARROCC constant curvature system, mounting twin 10” LF transducers in a V formation and featuring Tetracoil Double Voice Coil technology for exceptional power, precision control, impulse response and handling of transients. A large next-gen titanium diaphragm 4” LF compression driver delivers superior linearity and mid-band clarity.

Thanks to an easy-fit insert, CC210Wx’s wide 90° x 25° coverage can be adjusted to 70° x 25° when desired. ARROCC employs the 3D printed SEVERIN precision waveguide for ultra-precise definition of coverage patterns, achieving the optimal listening experience for all audience members.

CC210Wx (wide) can be freely combined with CC210Nx (narrow) cabinets, 118S subs and A series amplifiers, forming a flexible, modular solution for every small-medium sound reinforcement scenario. Versatile rigging options allow ARROCC systems to be flown or stacked horizontally and vertically, pole mounted, or fixed to walls or ceilings.

ARROCC CC210Wx is built in Belgium by skilled craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery


2 x 10" Driver
34 kg
55 Hz - 19 kHz
8 Ohms
1 x 4"
1,5" Exit compression driver
90° x 25°
70° x 25°
Horizontal Frame
Vertical Frame
Pole Mount
Highly resistant polyurea coating
Made in Belgium




Tech CC210Wx

Technical Sheet ARRoCC CC210Wx