118S is a compact, exceptionally powerful passive touring subwoofer, created as a core component of the AUDIOFOCUS ARRoCC constant curvature loudspeaker system.

The subwoofer houses a next-generation 18” neodymium LF transducer. Tetracoil Double Voice Coil technology allows 118S to achieve best-in-class SPL for its size while ensuring exceptional efficiency and clarity.

118S can be quickly deployed in cardioid and end-fire configurations when used with AUDIOFOCUS A Series amplifiers. Armonia presets are also available for Powersoft amplifiers. 18s can be used standalone or stacked and can be flown with CC210W and CC210N cabinets using the ARRoCC flying frame accessory.

All AUDIOFOCUS loudspeakers are built in Belgium by skilled craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery before being coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment.


18" Tetracoil
68 kg
30 Hz - 60 Hz
8 Ohms
Radiation direct bass-reflex
Omni 360°
Rigging compatible with ARRoCC flying frame
Config cardio possible
Made in Belgium




Tech 118S

Technical Sheet S118