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CARYS C15LS is a passive LF / Sub extension for the CARYS C6 column loudspeaker. A locking mechanism ensures stability and superfast, plug ‘n play setup.

A leading edge 15” neodymium LF transducer with Tetracoil technology allows C15LS to deliver high SPL and excellent efficiency. The LF / Sub features a naturally cardioid tuned vent, allowing it to be deployed discreetly close to walls and corners without sacrificing audio clarity.

C15LS can be powered by AUDIOFOCUS A Series rack amplifiers with dedicated SCIO presets. Powersoft Armonia presets are also available.

CARYS C15LS is built in Belgium by skilled craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery before being coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment.


1 x 15"
35 kg
40 Hz - 90 Hz
8 Ohms
Dedicated AudioFocus SCIO
Powersoft Armonia+
Complete solution with CARYS C6
Locking for CARYS C6 Column
Mechanicaly desinged
Made in Belgium




Tech C15LS

Technical Sheet CARYS C15LS

Preset C15LS

Preset CARYS C15LS for Powersoft


Preset CARYS C15LS for AudioFocus A Series

A Chart

A Serie Output Chart