S 18 is a compact, high-performance passive touring subwoofer, providing the perfect companion to the AUDIOFOCUS VENU, FR-X, or ARES 8 series in standalone and stacked configurations.

The subwoofer houses a long excursion 18″ neodymium driver and combines front diffusion, bass reflex, and transmission line design for ultimate efficiency and performance.

S 18 is built with pride in Belgium and coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment. The cabinet front is protected by a rigid metal grill, backed by acoustically transparent foam. Its compact design and ergonomic handles make S 18 easy to transport and deploy.

S 18 can be quickly deployed in any configuration, including cardioid and end-fire, when used with AUDIOFOCUS A Series amplifiers. Armonia presets are also available for Powersoft amplifiers.


38,8 kg
38 Hz - 100 Hz
8 Ohms
Radiation direct bass-reflex
Omni 360°
Pole Socket
Config cardio possible
Made in Belgium




Tech S18

Technical Sheet S18

Preset S18

Preset S18 for Powersoft


Preset S18 for AudioFocus A Series

A Chart

A Serie Output Chart