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The AVDT-BOB is a compact Dante break out box with embedded Digital Signal Processing.
The AVDT-BOB has state-of-the-art analog microphone preamplifiers for a very high audio dynamic and quality over Dante at a very contained price:

The AVDT-BOB has a DSP to process and mix audio signal at the source and at the output. The AVDT-BOB features a dual core ARM processor associated with a large amount of flash memory for a universal and multiplatform remote control over IP (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux). They provide to the AVDT-BOB a powerful processing with an efficient, easy and smart remote control:

Smart embedded DSP for advanced internal audio mixing and effect processing
4 independent mixers of the 6x to 8x inputs
8 equalizations and 8 limiters compressors
Build-in dual ARM RISC processor with Web 2.0 HTML5 interface
Direct remote without any installation via Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux computer or via iPad, iPhone or Tablet, Smartphone


2 x Analog Mic/Line
1 x AES3
4 x GPI
2 x Analog Line
1 x AES3
4 x GPO
2 x RJ45




AVDT-BOB User’s manual


DataSheet BOB


AVS-Monitor Manual


AVS-Monitor for Windows

Software Version 6.74.14