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AxC-AE8IO is an eight channels high-end analog input/output AxC card, with Euroblock connectors for the AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform.

The AxC-AE8IO combines high-performance AD and DA converter chips, with an excellent circuit design in a format of one AxC card for high end fixed installation applications.

An internal smart design avoids loud noises during start-up and cut-off. This mechanism meets the constraints of use for high power sound reinforcement systems for professional audio applications.

A 0.5 dB step digital attenuator/gains from -115dB to +12dB and two hardware reference level pads of +10 dBu or +24 dBu are fully controllable via software. It enables fine level calibration for addressing a large panel of applications in professional audio systems.

Attenuation-gain setting and vu-meter can be monitored and controlled individually per channel via network for a remote management, from virtually anywhere.


4 x Analog
4 x Analog Line
8 x Euroblock