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Using only one Audio ToolBox slot, the AxC-ES100 can be used either with AVBx3 or AVBx7 platforms
64 inputs and 64 outputs
One RS232 port compatible with Yamaha HA remote
ASIO through the third port (up to 64 channels in and 64 channels out)
Remote management with AVS-Monitor software
Two EtherCon connectors allowing 64 channels extraction and 64 channels insertion to ES100 network
Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the AxC-ES100 card opens exciting possibilities to the professional audio systems:

Coupled with AxC-AX4M mic card and AxC-AX4O analog output card, AxC-ES100 tunnelling system allows setting and monitoring all ToolBox parameters, such as microphone gains, using AVS-Monitor interface or a Yamaha mixer HA remote control.
Suitable for all public address applications, live sound and adapted to Yamaha consoles


64 x Ethersound
64 x Ethersound
1 x RJ45
2 x Ethercon
1 x RS232




Technical Specs


AVS-Firmware Updater


AVS-Monitor Manual


AVS-Monitor for Windows

Software Version 6.74.14