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The family of R-MAX loudspeakers delivers outstanding musical performance. Housed in the same size enclosures as Community’s flagship R2models, the R2-MAX models feature powerful 1.4-inch exit HF drivers, high performing midrange drivers, and 600W neodymium woofers, delivering well behaved coverage patterns, exceptional intelligibility and flat frequency response. The R2-52MAX adds 50° x 20° long range coverage with high-power 1-inch exit HF and dual M200HP midrange drivers. While providing the outstanding dynamic range and projection expected from R SERIES, R2-MAX loudspeakers offer listeners a superior musical experience with higher output than the standard R2.


2 x 12"
3" Voice Coil
Neodymium motor
Aluminium demodulaion ring
52,2 kg
71 Hz - 22,4 kHz
8 Ohms
1 x 2" exit
3,5" Diaphragm
2,2" Voice Coil
60° H - 40° V
60° H - 60° V
90° H - 40° V
Install brackets
Weather resistant
Excellent intelligibility
1 x 1,4" extit compression
2,87" Voice Coil




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