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Duecanali 6404 DSP AES67

Providing access to all yet easily set up, the Duecanali Series is versatile in use. Powersoft’s legendary efficiency saves valuable energy, keeping both operational cost and ‘carbon footprint’ at a minimum.

The Duecanali 6404 DSP+D is designed to work with Lo-Z (from 2 Ω ) and with 70V/100V distributed lines: any mixed impedance output loads can be realized.

A fully integrated state-of-the-art DSP yields extensive system management functionality. In addition to sound shaping and limiter functions in unique Powersoft style, the DSP hardware and ArmoníaPlus software enable compliance with IEC 60849 for the crucial requirements of sound systems for emergency purposes.


2 Channels
6400 Watts
To be distributed among 2 channels
Type Phoenix​ - Euroblock
2 x Analog
2 x AES67
Armonia DSP platform HD 96KHz 40bit floating point
Real-time load monitoring speaker
Log and diagnostic system
PFC Power Factor Correction
Rational Power Management Powerdistribution among transducer
Amplification type class D




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Software Version 2.6.3


Data Sheet Duecanali with DSP

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