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The DMX-512/Artnet – module has one input for a DMX-512 universe and one output for an other DMX-512 universe. To tunnel DMX-512 signals through a network, which is build with cyberTEQ – m mainfraimes, you need minimal two DMX-512/Artnet – modules. At both positions DMX signals can be fed in and can be taken out at the each other’ s position.

Using more than two DMX-512/Artnet – modules the system is able to work as a DMX splitting system when taking the signals of one and the same DMX universe by different modules. The assingment of the DMX universes can be done centrally with PC or Mac. The system is able to manage up to 64 universes.

It is possible to feed in an Art-Net signal either via one of the cyberTEQ – m mainframes´s Ethernet ports or via the Ethernet port of the DMX512/Artnet – module. This Art-Net signal will be distributed by the network. At every place, where a DMX-512/Artnet – module is installed, the Art-Net signal can be converted into a DMX-512 signal and can be taken out there. The DMX-512/Artnet – module converts a signal applied to the DMX-512 input in Art-Net for using it with devices with Art-Net communication.