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The SERIAL – module is used to transfer serial control signals from point to point over the network, which is created by the cyberTEQ – mainframes. The module supports the standard formats RS232 / RS422 / RS485. Depending of the controlled devices the control signals can be quite different. A beamer lamp can be switched on/off or the gain of a Yamaha AD8HR preamplifier can be controlled.

Basically two modes are available:

Using two SERIAL – module the control signals are send bidirectional through the network. This mode is used for devices of manufacturers, when the devices communicate based on the devices serial interfaces and the devices are separated by open ground.

The second mode is used, when a device equipped with a serial interface communicates with the virtual serial interface of a computer (in combination with special control software supplied by the manufacturer of the device). In this case only one SERIAL – module is needed. On the computer a software emulates a virtual serial interface. The computer is connected via RJ45 network interface to the network and communicates via the network and the SERIAL – module with the device to be controlled.