Adamson Load Library 5.3


Adamson System Engineering has released Adamson Load Library 5.3 for Lake Processor. This service update optimises the ease of use of both linear phase and conventional crossover settings by introducing a uniform preset naming scheme.

Default settings for E, S, and IS-Series cabinets use linear phase crossovers, with subwoofer presets using corresponding latency compensation and are time-aligned when placed equidistantly to the reference position. Additional settings for S and IS-Series point source cabinets offer 5 ms less latency by using conventional crossovers. For full flexibility, additional subwoofer presets, time-aligned to conventional crossover presets are included in the subs folder. These can also be deployed when subwoofers are positioned further back from the reference position to avoid applying additional delay to line arrays or point sources. Conventional Crossover and corresponding subwoofer settings are marked with “CC” in the preset name.Adamson Load Library 5.3 is included in the new Lake Controller v7.0.7 release. Adamson recommends the use of Lake Controller v7.0.7.